Mitsubishi Triton Review [VIDEO]

Mitsubishi Triton Review Motorama Mitsubishi sales manager Colin Ambrossini takes us for a tour around the Lifestyle 4x4 Mitsubishi Triton fitted with all the accessories to make any track an adventure.



Colin from Motorama Mitsubishi wanted to talk to you about his Triton, especially done up for Motorama 4X4XMORE tag-along tours.

"We've paired up with Ironman Lifestyle 4x4 ad put some gear on the front.

We’ve got a bull bar, an Iron Man winchled spotlights and up on the roof racks & side brush rails just for extra protection plus steel steps.

We've added a two-inch lift kit through Ironman 4x4 with some all-terrain tyres just to give us a little bit of an advantage on some of those slippery slopes.

On the back, we've added a canopy so we can make sure we can get all that gear in there. So it's a genuine Mitsubishi canopy. 

You definitely need a UHF radio, which is needed so we can be in constant communication with all of our other vehicles. 

There you go guys. This is the complete package. Come and see us at Lifestyle 4x4.

We can customize the vehicle to suit your needs."


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