Toyota Hilux Review [Video}

Toyota Hilux Review The Toyota Hilux is one of the most popular 4x4's in Australia. Simon gives as a quick review of Australia's #1 4x4, the Toyota Hilux and its off-road chops.

Simon from Motorama 4X4XMORE gives us a run-through of the Toyota Hilux, done up with all the accessories you need for a proper offroad adventure.

"So the Toyota Hilux has been the number one selling ute for a number of years in Australia and there are a lot of really good reasons. 

We’re actually out at Gordon Country, a proper 4x4 park about two hours west of Brisbane, just to put the Hilux through its paces and see how it goes. 

So we've actually set this car up for a bit more than just heading out to the beach. And today I thought I'd just run through a couple of the key things that we did to the car to really make sure that it works in this terrain as well.

First of all, we've got the bull bar. It's a Toyota Hilux genuine bull bar, which is fully compliant from an ADR and from an airbag perspective.  We’ve added to it a light bar, for when you're driving down a narrow track. You can never have enough light, particularly at night if you've been out for a dusk or an evening session.

Under the roof rack, we've also added another led light bar as well. 

Tthe snorkel is a fantastic addition, particularly for deep water crossings. Having a snorkel is just imperative to ensure that you can get the car through water crossings if need be.

One of the other things that you can never have enough of when you're out camping is a canopy. 

This is a genuine canopy. The thing I love is it's got access points from all sides and they’re all lockable. It’s a fantastic addition when you're four-wheel driving. 

We've added a lift kit as well. A two-inch lift kit is fantastic. To give you just the extra bit of clearance when you're on some of those inland tracks or just going up and down the beach. 


The other thing we added is an awning. This is a Motorama 4X4XMORE awning which comes out about two and a half meters but and gives you instant shade.

We also added a steel sidestep.  Typically they'll come with plastic ones out of the box or when you purchase it new.  But steel one actually gives you a bit of protection when you might hit a rock or deep rut.

So that's pretty much how we fit fitted out this Hilux.

If you're looking to fit your Hilux, come and see the team at Lifestyle 4x4

Our guys are experts in how to fit, what to fit and can pretty much customize a Hilux or your Hilux to suit your lifestyle. 

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